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Our Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery team is located at New York Presbyterian Hospital, which is affiliated with Weill Cornell Medical College. Since the anterior skull base is at the junction between the brain and the sinuses, the strength of this collaboration is the combined expertise of both specialties. Both Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Anand are present for each endoscopic skull base surgery, ensuring that each patient benefits from their combined experience.

Read about Dr. Vijay K. Anand & Dr. Theodore H. Schwartz in New York Super Doctors 2008.

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Meet the Directors

View a video of a Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Anand.


 Please bring all imaging studies, endocrine lab results and visual field testing to your appointment if this information is available.

Vijay K. Anand, MD, FACS

772 Park Avenue
(Park Avenue at 73rd Street)
New York, NY 10021
212-452-3005 | via2006@nyp.org

Theodore H. Schwartz, MD, FACS

1305 York Avenue, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10021
212- 746-5620 | schwarh@med.cornell.edu