The Importance of Experience in Achieving Excellent Results

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How long is the tail end of the learning curve? Results from 1000 consecutive endoscopic endonasal skull base cases following the initial 200 cases

Iyan Younus BS, Mina M. Gerges MD, Rafael Uribe-Cardenas MD, MHS, Peter F. Morgenstern MD, Mahmoud Eljalby MMSc, Abtin Tabaee MD, Jeffrey P. Greenfield MD, PhD, Ashutosh Kacker MD, Vijay K. Anand MD, and Theodore H. Schwartz MD

The slope of the learning curve in 600 consecutive endoscopic transsphenoidal pituitary surgeries

Iyan Younus, Mina M. Gerges, Rafael Uribe-Cardenas, Peter Morgenstern, Ashutosh Kacker, Abtin Tabaee, Vijay K. Anand & Theodore H. Schwartz